Tuesday, January 29, 2008


do i dare!?

Friday, January 25, 2008



Gotten back my results. Not too bad. Can't really decide whether poly or jc. Poly-- can't decide what i wanna do. JC-- dont want the studying kind of lifestyle. Poly-- fun and hotter. JC-- more time to choose.

So yea, i rather go poly but i most probaly would end up in JC, and even that i can't decide which school. It's between CJC, MJC, VJC and SAJC.

Alot of other stuff i can't decide what to do man. I was never good at making decisions but I better make one soon or z.,f,h

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Thursday, January 17, 2008



The chalet was allright, kind of weird cause didnt really talk to the people. Played poker mostly. Some dancing and alot of people throwing up.

Temasek Poly Open House

Slept damn late the previous night and later Went to tp at 10 to attend some seminar which didnt really help. Later went to see some courses, mainly business. Quite interesting. I'll probaly take business or acc & finance course.


Walked to sentosa because we could'nt find the buses and the cable car and monorail was damn expensive. Checked out the tourism academy at sentosa. It was overall quite cool execpt that the minimum requirement to enter was A level cert. So we just walked around sentosa.


Went to mj and we waited at the gate for some time until loretta came and save us. The schools quite cool, not the people though. Studying during recess....who does that. The library owns, theres a huge movie collection and you can just go in and watch. Awesome. The food is allright, but the location is abit oolu. Considering to go mj.


Nothing much to write here. Kinda anxious for results. Resolving the problem and need to kill lewis.


Thursday, January 10, 2008



Went tp, was rather boring. Headed to tm with some people to eat. Watch a movie, missed call which is damn lame. After it, tried to sneak into the american ganster and was nearly successfully til the guy saw hakim. small boy so had to leave.


Was and is still a very long night. No idea why. Can't help feelings this way. !!!


watching how i met your mother. owns!

Monday, January 7, 2008


i have no idea how to put music up and this is the best version so excuse the japaneseness.



was rather boring. Stayed home almost the entire day but my sister brought her friends over so that made the time staying home worth while haha. Then had a feast at kembangan with russell at some restaurant/hawkercentre. awesome!!

and the 7th was my sisters birthday so happy birthday sis, but i highly doubt she would ever read this.

The weekend was very emotional for many people....inlcuding me. haha so gay. and all the problems happen to be very similiar. yall must give it time people...but for me, i have no idea what to do.

The holidays so far have been allright, pretty boring. and im feeling fat..gotta start exercising. Suppose to take up some classes but forgot to call them.

Should also start shopping for new stuff, schools gonna start.bye

Sunday, January 6, 2008



Today was a dull day. Awoke at 9 for mass. Later went to a CC to collect my award...$500 man! Im rich!! After that stayed home and talk to my sister. Have never done that before. It was weird. Then the internet died at home, so me and my sister were literally dying of boredom and tv sucks. So made a few calls, the conversation really made time fly.Lots of Laughs. Later went to ashleys and watch some shows then to the field and then home.

A few people have been asking whats !!! all about. Is it really that interesting? And theres still alot more of it.


Friday, January 4, 2008



Had dinner just now at HEI! sushi. Owns!! Went for the party at skin. Surprisingly fun, mad dancing, was burning the floor..sweating throughout the night.
Left late, taxi fare was sadly 15bucks

Alot on my mind right now..shoulld really try to sleep.bye



Friday evening

Woke up damn late. sucks.

Raining like a dog now and watching melbourne shuffle. Cool

Feeling nostalgic now. and later going to an unkown guy's party.

Thursday, January 3, 2008



Went to Shrangila for the last time to collect my pay $58.50 man. Boring day basically.

Now two people has found out about this blog. Lets keep it discreet please.


Wednesday, January 2, 2008



I really hope not many people read this. Anyway this is my first time, just thought of creating a blog..really bored.
And i guess im suppose to write out what i did during the day but im not going to. Its 3am so bye.